Examples of our work

Below are a few recent projects that RTVision has worked on.

A recent video for the Wassell Grove Business Centre. Filmed over a day, this video incorporated a professional voiceover, drone footage and lots of footage of the inside of this amazing building.

The video is being used to promote the centre and get more businesses signed up to rent a room within.

This is a short explainer video used to direct users around a brand new website, empressHvac.com. It used a professional voiceover and clear visuals to give it the edge over other explainer videos.

A short but simple video used to highlight how businesses were reacting to the reopening after the pandemic. It was created entirely with stock footage.

Another pandemic video. This was one created on site at N Brown in Oldham. They had employed Bromoco International to come along and sanitise their entire warehouse. RTVision was there to find out how they do it.

To say this video was produced quickly is probably an understatement. The client came to me on a Thursday evening and required this for the following Monday! He was very pleased with the final video and it’s currently being used to promote the Priory School to new students.

This video was produced with Ryan Ridgway of Mind Health Solutions. It was used to promote the invaluable work that Ryan does with his mental health first aid courses.

The work Ryan does is invaluable so I would urge any business or organisation to get in touch.

Another quick video! This was was commissioned on the Monday and completed by the following week. It show’s off the Chesil Speedster which is manufactured in the Black Country by Westfield. The video incorporated a 360 camera along with standard footage to create a visually stunning package to promote the car.

This video was designed to promote the Real Arts Workshops that Alex Vann puts on.

Alex was a natural in front of the camera and his passion and dedication to inspiring others really comes across.