Examples of our work

Below are a few examples of our work.

This video was put together quickly as the filming permissions for the airport were limited and I didn’t want to get caught in the takeoff of a plane!

The video is a demonstration video to showcase the automated pod vehicle and how it can maneuver around various obstacles.


Priory Park Boxing Club have recently benefited from a community grant to improve their facilities and offer a new gym.

This video was produced during an evening to help promote the gym and to also provide evidence to the funders of where the money was spent.

RTVision was lucky enough to work with some wonderful people in 2015 who were all winners at Dudley Councils annual ‘Mayors Civic Awards’

This is one of the videos that was played on the night for the big reveal of the winner. Linda Perkins is a head teacher who exemplified the qualities of the award.

The video was produced with a long freeze frame at the end so that the winner had time to collect their award on stage which helped with the timings on the night and also meant that the venue didn’t have to provide additional music.

This video was recorded in a morning at Henrietta Street Gym in Birmingham. The video is used to promote Bootcamp… A fitness scheme designed to fit in with your daily life.

This video was produced for a county sports partnership to highlight two people who had recently earned a qualification in running.

It was filmed in an afternoon in Sandwell and provided evidence for the funders of the qualification